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Tips and Lessons for Children and Duck HuntingEvery family has its traditions for bonding. For some, it might be sitting on the back porch listening to the ballgame or heading out on an annual ski trip. For people like me, it is hunting. Simply put, there is no better time spent during the Duck Hunting season than the time you spend out there with your kids. There is so much more to learn than just the sport when you are out there knee deep in mud with a shotgun in your hands.

Safety Comes First

When hunting with kids, you can never be too safe. This means they kids need to be armed properly and taught all safety measures regarding handling a live weapon. This is a great way to instill responsibility and respect at an early age.


You do not want to just throw your kid into some gear and hand him or her a rifle. Spend some time on the computer with your child looking up information and showing him or her some videos from guided duck hunting companies like Show Me Snow Geese. You can also simulate hunting conditions to get the kids used to what they will be doing when they are out there for real. You will probably spend the most time teaching them how to shoot, but we would imagine it would not be very hard to get your son or daughter excited about spending a day at the range! You want the children to be as prepared as possible before they ever step foot into a live hunting area.


You love your child, but nobody wants to hear someone whine that they are too cold all day long. Get your son or daughter in the right gear so he or she can stay warm and enjoy the experience. You may even want to take the kids out in weather that mimics hunting conditions just to make sure they can handle it.

Don’t Go Overboard

Kids do not exactly have the attention span of a seasoned hunter, and you need to realize this before planning a trip. Keep the hunting sessions shorter to ensure your kids do not lose their enthusiasm for the sport. As they get older, you can expose them to longer trips that are more “adult-like”.

It is Not Play Time

You want the experience to be fun, but the kids need to realize this is very serious business. An additional challenge is presented by bringing a dog on the trip. If your dog is already well trained, it knows how to act when it is out in the field; your kids are different story, especially when bored. The middle of the hunting morning is not the time to decide to play fetch with the family pooch.

Teach Duck Hunting Ethics

Most hunters know that one person that thinks throwing dynamite into a pond is fishing. This is not exactly sportsmanlike and habits such as this are not things you want to teach any hunter, especially your own son or daughter. The thrill of the hunt is something that should be enjoyed, but not manipulated to completely tilt the odds. Make sure they respect the sport.

As a parent, hunting also provides an activity that gets your children off the coach. Let’s face facts, most kids today are quite happy with a controller or computer in their hands and a sofa to sit on all day. Obesity rates in this country are staggering, so getting the kids outdoors and moving around will be a welcome change.

This also gives you an opportunity to reward your child’s achievements during the hunt. Imagine the pride of Joe Jr. when dad invites some friends over for dinner to enjoy the duck or goose that HE caught. Kids love to be recognized, and doing so will help build confidence. If there was no big kill for the day, gun safety and how he or she acted during the trip can provide the day’s positive feedback. Basically, you just want them to have a reason to look forward to the next trip.

Parents today are faced with more challenges than ever in raising their children and the kids have more distractions in life than we ever had growing up. Heck, I remember being excited about Pong let alone the gaming systems that are available today (and let’s not forget to mention the endless hours kids can spend online). If you are looking for a way to build your child’s character, improve his or her confidence, and something to get them off the couch, duck hunting is a great place to start!

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