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We are delighted to share with you informative "news" style articles about the latest not only in Missouri duck hunting, but all news related to our wonderful sport of duck hunting. We will also publish tips for all levels of hunters as well as product reviews on the latest gear and even recipes for those of you that think you are the next Bobby Flay. In other words, we hope to have something for everyone that browses through our website.

When the Missouri duck hunting season starts, we will be posting videos and pictures on our social media pages so you can see the action we see here in Missouri. If you are a regular follower, we know it will only be a matter of time before you are standing ankle-deep in the mud right next to us waiting for the morning or afternoon duck flight. Enjoy the site and good luck bagging your limit!

"Simple" Missouri Duck Hunting TipsRead some publications and you come away thinking duck hunting is the equivalent of brain surgery. Well, after years of hunting, I am here to tell you that is surely not the case. While the sport does present some challenges, such as duck calling and learning to shoot at a moving target, these skills can be mastered over time. The rest of the sport really is very basic.

We have put together some “simple” duck hunting tips that we think will make your season much more enjoyable:

  1.  Hunting Trips – it is always great to set up a big trip with your friends, but that is probably a once or twice a season event. If you live in areas where waterfowl hunting is available, hunt close to home so you can do it more often. Missouri duck hunting it plentiful, so take advantage of it.
  2.  Do Not Flood Your Spread – go out during Missouri duck hunting season and sometimes you see spreads so large you wonder what time the person had to get up to set it up. Learn the area and scale down your spreads appropriately. You do not always need 100 decoys to decoy ducks. And, remember to keep your decoy spread within  shooting range.
  3.  Guided Duck Hunting – if you are struggling with calling or just in finding the birds in general, consider using a guided duck hunting guide service. You will be surprised at what tips you can pick up on these trips. Calling, dog training, decoy spreads… these people are experts and you can probably learn more on a single trip with a guide than you can reading about it all year long.
  4.  Better Equipment – Do not be so pigheaded that you refuse to buy newer equipment with better technology that will improve your overall gear. Calling yourself a traditionalist is great, but it could cost you some birds when it is time to start shooting. See what the latest and greatest is online and then head over to your local store to have a conversation about it with the salesperson. Odds are, you can make one small upgrade each season that will lead to a better trip.
  5. Get Comfortable – we all know duck hunting is not exactly the cleanest sport out there, so make sure you are comfortable while doing it. Get the appropriate gear for the weather and conditions where you will be duck hunting. If you are making your own blind, make sure it is camouflaged properly as well as having some “comforts” of home to make it more comfortable while you are sitting there all day.

These tips should get you started on a much more enjoyable trip. Oops, we almost forgot a really important tip… take a friend, especially if you are inexperienced. If you have friends that are more experienced hunters, offer to bring the days supplies if they are willing to tag along. You may not even have to bribe them, as they are probably just looking for a reason to get out there hunting!

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