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When the Missouri duck hunting season starts, we will be posting videos and pictures on our social media pages so you can see the action we see here in Missouri. If you are a regular follower, we know it will only be a matter of time before you are standing ankle-deep in the mud right next to us waiting for the morning or afternoon duck flight. Enjoy the site and good luck bagging your limit!

How to Succeed at Duck Hunting MissouriNorthern Missouri’s dry corn fields are known as prime hunting ground for ducks. In order to make the most of duck hunting in the “Show Me State”, you’ll need to learn what’s involved with this outdoor activity and you’ll also need to know how to prepare effectively. Luckily, this is easy to do and we are here to help you get the superlative results that you want.

Our guide to duck hunting Missouri is designed to arm you with knowledge which you may then put to good use out in the field. We’ll talk about the value of scouting and discuss which types of equipment will be needed.

To round things out, we’ll also give you the inside scoop on how to optimize your odds of a successful hunt. This involves bringing a skilled and experienced guide along. Guided hunts are a great way to learn and they are also a great way for intermediate or experienced duck hunters to enjoy professional assistance which is designed to make every hunt easier and more carefree…

Once you’ve absorbed all of this practical information, you’ll be ready to plan a successful duck hunting Missouri adventure!

Scouting Will Boost Your Odds of Success

As you probably already know, duck hunting is partly about patience. After all, hunters typically spend a lot of their time standing around in mud and awaiting the a.m. or afternoon duck flights!

Most avid hunters want to bag the maximum amount of ducks that they can!

One of the best ways to “bag your limit”, while also enjoying a different type of challenge will be to hunt in the northern part of the state, in dry corn fields. While these fields definitely make it harder for hunters to hide their presence, they offer one primary advantage, which is to give duck hunters access to bigger flocks.

Open hunting in the dry corn fields will give you access to so many ducks, as we’ve already mentioned. However, you’ll need to employ scouting techniques in order to optimize your success.

Scouting a dry corn field area is all about finding the perfect spot before you set things up for your hunt!

Bear in mind that waterfowl will seek out food two times per day (in the early a.m. and then again in the afternoon)…so, scouting should happen at these times of the day.

One tip to be aware of is that birds tend to return to feeding grounds until food sources are depleted. Scouting will allow you to find these feeding places before your hunt.  Fewer hunters choose dry corn fields, so birds feel less trepidation about feeding there, which will provide you with an advantage.

Hunting ducks in dry corn fields has its pros and cons. One “con” is that ducks may be more aware of danger, since there are so many of them in one place! However, once you’ve tried it, you may be converted for life. The challenge of doing so is addictive and many hunters do get amazing results when they choose these locales.

Equipment Facts and Information

Hunting of this type will require a layout blind which is “dug in” and camouflaged. This equipment is vital as you won’t have natural cover the way that you would in marshlands or other duck-hunting environment. Your blind should blend into the background as seamlessly as possible, so that ducks don’t notice it and then flee the area.

You’ll also need duck decoys, some of which are further from your shooting range and some of which are closer to where you are. Ducks are sometimes smart enough to detect bigger spreads and to sense danger. So, it’s smart to set up the big spread further away and the smaller one closer to you.

You may wish to practice shooting from your layout blind before you’re out in the field, as it might be a different position for you to shoot from. Doing this “off-season” will improve your chances of hitting the target in the dry corn fields.

You’ll need a quality gun and you’ll need to learn how to use it safely and legally. If you can, practice with clay targets in order to build your skills.

For information on Missouri State duck hunting permits and how to access them, visit this official state resource - or contact the crew at Show Me Snow Geese today! These Missouri-based duck hunting experts will be able to tell you everything that you need to know.

Consider a Guided Hunt

A guided hunt is probably the best way to “bag your limit” whether you’re new to duck hunting or an old hand. Show Me Snow Geese is Missouri’s best guided duck hunting provider company and this firm brings over fourteen years of experience to the table.

When you book an affordable guided hunt via this reputable company, your guide will take you to the best spots (which will save you scouting time!), teach and practice impeccable duck calling and generally act as your guide and companion. Groups of up to five hunters (plus one well-behaved hunting dog) are permitted.

Make your duck hunting trip truly successful…book a guided hunt experience today!

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