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Dealing with Missouri Cold Weather Duck HuntingSo you want to be a hardcore duck hunter? That means you need to be willing to get out there after the “recreational” hunters have left the area and it is just us diehards. This also means that you need to put on your big boy pants because it is going to be cold! The reward… cold weather duck hunting in Missouri can pay off big!

The Birds

As the weather gets colder, you will usually notice a change in the way the birds behave. In general, they will try to conserve energy, much like we do, by staying close together and not flying around as much. Because many of the areas will be covered in ice, open patches of water will serve as  common feeding and loafing grounds for the birds during the winter months.

Something else to consider is that the birds will not follow a “typical” feeding patterns. They will generally eat later in the day (compared to the early morning fly we see during warmer weather). This gives you a bit more time to set up and not have to deal with as much of that early morning frost.

The Ice

As we stated above, many of the water feeding grounds will be frozen over. As a hunter, you can move to the open fields or try to lure the ducks into the water area. By breaking up the ice and setting decoys, you are presenting the ducks with a rare cold weather feeding zone. However, doing all this early morning work will present its own challenges.

The Hunter

If you do decide to work the ice, realize that you will be working up quite a sweat as you clear patches of ice to open up water holes. You will probably have a nice sweat going by the time you are done, not exactly ideal when you plan on being in a cold blind for the rest of the day. Dress appropriately and in layers so you can shed some of that clothing while you are working and add layers when you are sitting still.

The Dog

Your dog may have fur, but he or she will still feel the effects of the cold weather. The colder conditions mean that you need to dress your dog appropriately. A nice camouflage neoprene vest helps to hide the dog and provide extra warmth. It will also keep the dog drier when retrieving your kills. However, please keep in mind that on the most severe of days, you should not risk your dog’s health. Use some common sense and let the pup stay home if you decide to go hunting in extreme weather conditions.

The Blind

There is nothing wrong with adding some comforts to your blind during the winter months. An insulated pad for both you and the dog will keep some of the cold away from your skin. You may even want to add some type of a heater if possible. Realize that is also takes more energy to move during the winter, so keep some extra food both for you and the dog on your cold weather duck hunting excursions.

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